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We hope all's well with you and your
family these fall days in your town.

Whether you're a tenth generation Carolinian, a Floridian/Californian wanting out, or frost-belt family seeking softer weather, it's always an adventurous Carolina vacation experience that triggers the intuitive repeating mantra: “Love this place…we could live here.”

Soon, the next discovery vacation plans are plotted: a Yadkin Valley wine tour, Myrtle Beach golf extravaganza, a Currituck Outer Banks escape. And so it goes. The fun, relaxation, discovery and great value inspire families to snoop the real estate values now available.

Today, Carolina accommodations and festivities are priced for great value.  So expect to pay less and get more as you tour the land of  "smiling faces!"
Wishing you and your family happy travels!
Center For Carolina Living
P.S. As you make travel plans for your next stage of life, the 310-pages of information at are designed to assist!

That voice.

The Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award-nominated Eartha Kitt was born in the small town of North, South Carolina, not far from the state capital of Columbia.  
From her humble beginnings, her distinctive voice and talent took her around the world.  Today she would surely approve of her hometown area’s vast cultural and art opportunities.  It’s a place worth exploring: Columbia, SC

Considered a distant suburb of Charleston, SC, Summerville has grown rapidly in the last 10 years, and now claims 48,000.   Seven hundred homes and buildings in the town center and surrounding neighborhood are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It's a participant in the Main Street program, and has a thriving fine arts, museum, and preservation organization. Read more…

And more about Summerville in …
The 50 Best Small
Southern Towns
by Gerald Sweitzer and Kathy Fields


NC Scenic Drives – especially now.  
Created by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), scenic drives vary from three to 173 miles and in character from curvy mountain roads to ferry rides across coastal sounds.  Learn more at NC Scenic Drives.

In the Carolinas pecans are given as gifts, turned into pies, cookies and candies, and sprinkled on salads.  Celebrate this fantastic Southern nut at the NC Pecan Harvest Festival November 6-7, Whiteville, NC 


Got just 36 hours in Currituck?
• Outer Banks
Currituck Beach Lighthouse
Whalehead Club
Wild Horses 

Consider these and
more FUN-filled possibilities.

Everywhere, it seems. They’re a diverse group of people and they’re breaking molds right and left.  Sure, many of them remain heat-seeking missiles, headed for lands with almost eternal sunshine and no need for a winter coat.  Others, however, want the mountain top experience – literally.  The Appalachians are actively recruiting the new wave of retirees and they’re having success. After all, this oldest mountain range is known for its beauty, proliferation of artists, and unique little mountain towns.  It seems the retirement set isn’t quite ready to settle for a rocking chair lifestyle just yet. Read more about mountain living to see if it’s right for you. 

Beware of the Vampires
Electricity vampires, that is, that soak up electricity all through the night.  According to ENERGY STAR®, “the average U.S. household spends $100 per year to power devices while they are off (or in standby mode).”  
Fight back by remembering to unplug all of your chargers and power adapters when not in use, and opt for a power strip to conveniently turn off a collection of electronics when they are not in use. For more simple home green updates, visit:  10 Steps to Green
To read about how a historic 1920s bungalow went from drab to fab and GREEN, click to: Green Renovation 

Pop Quiz!
Test your GREEN living knowledge…
True or False? If you installed a new, energy efficient air conditioner this past summer, you may be eligible for a tax credit worth 30 percent of the cost. Intrigued?  Find the answer here. 

Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand unwrapped
If you’re flying US Airways in December, you’ll find great information about one of America’s favorite family destinations in the airline's in-flight magazine. Whether seeking vacation info or economic drivers, you’ll find a cadre of writers and photographers sharing their ideas in a comprehensive Grand Strand feature. Read more about Myrtle Beach.

Veterans North Carolina
employment benefits
Preference in State Government employment is granted to veterans, their surviving spouses or the spouses of disabled veterans, without regard to age, provided they are otherwise qualified. Discover more benefits for veterans. 

Raleigh-Durham: post-recession smarts
Coming in at #8, this popular area is among the top 10 American cities that will be “post-recession Meccas for the young,” according to results of a panel of experts recruited by the Wall Street Journal.

Now, the Daily Beast reports Raleigh-Durham has an equivalent IQ of 170 – making it the smartest city in America.  The criteria used is already causing some debate with its emphasis on non-fiction book sales and voters in addition to education. They admit the exercise is flawed, but it is interesting, and might warrant a bit of research if you’re looking for a brainy hometown. 

Mennonite Food,
Edgefield Pottery &
Sen. J. Strom Thurmond
They’re all products of the Edgefield area, where you’ll find a Discovery Center that serves as a gateway to the area and starts you on a self-guided journey through the rural communities and historic back roads of South Carolina.  Offering something for everyone to enjoy, the centers showcase dynamic exhibits and unique gift shops for that one-of-a kind souvenir.  It’s part of the SC Heritage Corridor.

Money in your pocket
U.S. News & World Report chose South Carolina’s capital city as one of the nation’s 10 best affordable places to retire.  “Retirees want a more diverse set of opportunities, and they can find that in a university town,” University of South Carolina economist Doug Woodward said.

U.S. News said it “sought out places with a low cost of living and reasonable housing prices that still offered access to the services and amenities that people should look for in an ideal retirement spot.”

The magazine admitted that, “Not all of the places on our list will feel downright cheap to those hoarding hard-earned dough for future expenses, but they all offer a good value for your retirement dollars.” Excerpted from an article in The State.

Melt into a delicious bowl of Purée of Roasted Leek and Sweet Onion Soup,  perfectly adorned with toasted baguette slices topped with melted cheese.  It’s a savory fall recipe courtesy of Kim Byer, local foodie blogger of The Paper Apron.

by Lynn Setzer
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