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No 66 Freruary 2012  
New Spanish Books offers an online guide of the latest books published in Spain
New Spanish Books project is an on-line guide of Spanish titles with rights available for translation, founded by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and the Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds.This project is aimed at publishers, translators, agents and professionals interested in first hand knowledge on the latest books published in Spain.  

Germán Sánchez Ruiperez, founder of the Anaya publishing house, dies
Spanish publisher Germán Sánchez Ruiperez, the founder of Grupo Anaya, died early Sunday in the Dominican Republic. He was 85. According to The Latin American Herald Tribune, Sánchez Ruiperez suffered a head injury two days ago and was hospitalized, but he did not recover. The publisher was in the Caribbean with his wife Ofelia.

This week the Association for Library Service to Children, ALSC publishes Jeanette Larson's blog on Cuento de Luz, a publisher of children books. “Although they only launched their picture book list in the United States a little over a year ago,” she says, “this Madrid-based publisher is quickly adding to a list of books 'that stimulate the imagination, help care for our planet, respect differences, eliminate borders and promote peace.'

VOXXI features multimedia news, politics, business, and entertainment pieces, along with sections devoted to women’s issues, culinary, education, and everything else concerning the Latino community in the U.S. It is designed to fill a void in the mainstream media by delivering great journalism and telling captivating stories that educate, engage and entertain, all with a global Hispanic vision of the nation and the world and enriched by the power of social media.



Centro Cultural Español en Miami

Clooney is currently riding high. His latest film, The Descendants, won the Best Drama award at the Golden Globes at the weekend and he took a best-actor award. If it were not for the surprise success of The Artist, he and his film would be favourites to win an Oscar next month . His role in The Descendants is not a typical movie-star character. Clooney shows his age (50) in an emotional, bittersweet drama portraying a husband and father who takes off with his two daughters to track down his comatose wife’s lover. The character is somewhat helpless and vulnerable.
Carlos Granés 
At the onset of the 20th Century, in a serene and neutral Switzerland, two revolutionary groups coexisted. The first—under Lenin’s yoke—set out to transform society, economy and politics. The second—Dadaist—prepared to alter minds, customs, values and people’s way of life. What were the outcomes of these revolutions? The socialist crumbled in the 80’s after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. The second, the avant-garde, faced a paradoxical fate: even though each of the utopian battles ended in defeat, their actions left their mark and gained following.

La casa que amé
Tatiana de Rosnay  
Becketts first novel was written in 1932, when he was young and poor. Its a savory introduction to the Nobel Prize winning author. It offers a rare and revealing portrait of the artist as a young man. When submitted to several publishers, they found it too literary, too scandalous, or too risky, and it was sadly never published during his

Corín Tellado       
A woman returns to Madrid from a psychiatric hospital. In the train, a psychiatrist who works there, talks to her about some documents on a red carpet on schizophrenia, double lives, and paranoia cases. As he gets a drink in a stop, he loses the train. The woman is holding the folder with the writings and we all want to read them with her.    

El gran libro de la vida sana
Txumari Alfaro and Raúl de la Rosa  
For a long time, the cause of diseases was sought only in physiological processes, regardless of environmental pollutants, electromagnetic radiation, toxic chemicals in food, social relationships, habits of life or our own emotions. The environment we live in is changing and we must surround ourselves with what is most beneficial for our health.
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