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No 70 June 2012  
Cuento de Luz won International Latino Book Awards
The children's book publisher won two first places, two second places and two honorable mentions.Spanish publisher Cuento de Luz was recognized with four awards and two honorable mentions of the International Latino Book Awards. The ceremony took place last weekt at Instituto Cervantes New York.

With the goal of reinventing to succeed, Editorial Nowtilus presents Tombooktu, a new publisher specialized on editing ebooks from well known authors, at a reasonable price. “We believe that readers set the path. The publisher has to listen and respond to the demand and that is what Tombooktu is going to do,” says Pablo Sanz, Tombooktu editor.  

Edward Nawotka writes Publishing Perspectives about the competing world of digital publication and the challenges for the US market. “America, watch out,” he warns. “In an attitude switch from recent years, foreign publishers are looking at ways to create market opportunities and exploit the rich digital market in the US. And it starts with the devaluing of foreign rights deals by the growing e-book distribution markets across the globe.

America Reads Spanish had a successful participation at the BookExpo America 2012
The renowned Essential Guide to Spanish Reading and ARS's new web page were presented during the event in New York early this month.
America Reads Spanish participated with great success at the last edition of BookExpo America (BEA) the most important book trade show in the US.

DILVE offers resources, tools for a better experience consulting its database


Edelsa offers ELE teachers and students interactive materials

Charlize Theron is the “it” actress of the moment. This summer comes to the big screen with two movies Prometheus and Snow White and the Hunter where she plays the devil queen who wants to kill Snow White. At 35, Theron confess that her Spanish is very limited, in fact she only knows the dirty words of our language, she learned those words in the set of the movie The Burning Plan that she shot two years ago with the Mexican director Guillermo Arriaga.
Manuel Pimentel
While an economic crisis rages, Stephan, a young man full of hope and grand projects for the future, languishes as a second-tier writer in a New York advertising agency. That is, until he espies an ad over a rundown doorway: The Wisdom of the Traveler. From that moment on, his life will follow a totally unexpected course, guided by a very extraordinary yet enigmatic teacher, Sarah Elly, who will share with Stephan ten secrets that will change his life forever. Until he reaches the most important lesson of all: love…

 On his way to work in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Julio Andrada likes to take, if he is alone, the Avenue Amancio Alcorta because it traverses through poor neighborhoods that remind him of his origins, and above all, give him the full measure of his success and social ascent. One day, over a restaurant meal which proved to be fateful, Julio overhears the conversation and jokes of some truckers regarding the sexual market in one of the neighborhoods that border his habitual work route. As he himself would soon acknowledge, that day was the beginning of the end.

Un viaje de diez metros
Richard C. Morais
Hassan Haji was born in an apartment over his grandfather’s restaurant in Bombay, immersed in the aromas of curries and spices. But a tragedy forces his family into exile, and after their picturesque travels Hassan and his family settle in a town in the French Alps, where the celebrated chef Madame Mallory manages the sophisticated bistro Le Saule Pleurer. Only ten meters away, the Hajis set up a small Indian eatery, whose intense smells and clamorous music revolutionizes the neighborhood. 

Nosotros, los otros
Víctor Ronquillo
This is part of a large project where I use intelligent journalism for human rights. The chronicles and stories in this book are the result of years of work belonging to social violence. As part of this project and three years in Code Internet, radio station, where we transmitted a program every Wednesday. We also have made a couple of seasons on television, a coproduction with National Council to Prevent Discrimination.

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