ARS BookAquiles o El guerrillero y el asesino
Carlos Fuentes
The short and extraordinary story of Carlos Pizarro is that of a tragic hero. Robust, unbeatable, and full of virtue, Pizarro went from militant communism to becoming a guerrilla soldier, from there to amnesty, and later went on to become a candidate for president of Colombia
ARS BookLa puerta pintada
Carlos Aurensanz
1949. The appearance of a corpse by the river is about to disrupt the lives of the people of Puente Real, a quiet provincial town after the war. It is only the first in a series of bizarre crimes that will forever change the life of Don Manuel, the forensic physician conducting the investigation.
ARS BookRezar por Miguel Angel
Christian Gálvez 
After narrating the unknown history of Leonardo da Vinci, the portrait of the man, Christian Gálvez presents in his second novel a unique, thrilling portrait of another of the Renaissance’s most important figures: Michelangelo Buonarroti.
Elsa Punset
This is a mostly practical book but it also explains the theory behind the little everyday exercises contained within. Any reader interested in cultivating their emotional wellbeing and that of the people around them will want to read it from beginning to end and then...........
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Gregory Rabassa, a Premier Translator of Spanish and Portuguese Fiction, Dies at 94
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Russell Crowe
New Zeland actor, film producer and musician
The Nice Guys is the latest movie from Russell Crowe, a buddy movie where he shares the screen with Ryan Gosling. The typical movie where two guys, very different, end sharing a vision of the world. Holland March (Gosling) and Jackson Healy (Crowe) are tracking down the same missing girl, but when things go terribly awry, the mismatched, fumbling pair are forced to work together.

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Daniel Fernández
President of FGEE

We talked with Daniel Fernández to learn about the evolution of the book market and about the proposals for improvement. In addition to being president of the Association of Publishers' Guilds of Spain (FGEE), Daniel Fernandez is also president of Edhasa Editorial and of Castalia.
Children's Book
La tres mellizas y Blancanieves
Mercè Company, Roser Capdevila Valls 

The Bored Witch takes Ana, Teresa, and Elena to the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and prepares a trap for them. But the triplets know how to circumvent her tricks, especially when they receive help from the queen, three princes, and seven ministers.

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