ARS BookEl invierno en tu rostro
Carla Montero
A love story between Lena and Guillén, two young Spaniards who fought on opposing sides during the wars that ravaged Europe over the first half of the 20th century. Lena and Guillén, stepsiblings, live a poor but peaceful life, but something unexpected happens one day: a plane crashes in the mountains.
ARS BookSi te vieras con mis ojos
Carlos Franz
“The new novel by the Chilean writer Carlos Franz, Si te vieras con mis ojos (If You Could See Through My Eyes), features two protagonists. Neither would be able to live without the other. Among other things, they’re lovers in the most overtly romantic sense of the term. 
ARS BookLa Espada de la alianza
Francisco Rodríguez 
The prophecies proclaim a new era with the fall of Kyrténebre, the great dragon, and the birth of the King. After the attack of the gramas to the city of Glaucia, Princess Adariel will begin the journey to reach Mankeirogps and the city of Rúvano where shell find her mentor, who....

Mercedes Roffé
This is a mostly practical book but it also explains the theory behind the little everyday exercises contained within. Any reader interested in cultivating their emotional wellbeing and that of the people around them will want to read it from beginning to end and then...........
Ramón Lobo has won the Rodolfo Walsh Prize of the Semana Negra (Black Week) of Gijón
Spain’s Publishers Take Stock of Their Industry’s Health
Homage to Bolaño, a “Latin American son of the Enlightenment” 
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Kevin Costner
Actor, director and film producer
Kevin Cosner is one of the best, a Hollywood legend who had time to sit with us and discuss politics in Spain, culture and books. During the promotion of his last movie, Criminal, Costner detailed how difficult is to succeed and maintain his status. As a criminal psychopath implanted with CIA agent Ryan Reynold’s memories, Costner delivers his most energetic performance since Silverado.

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Video: Camilo Jose Cela 1916-2016. The centenary of a Nobel

Radio: Biblioteca Pública. Carla Montero on her novel "El invierno en tu rostro"

Edith Grossman
Literary translator

If you are an English speaker and you have read Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel García Márquez; or The Feast of the Goat, by Mario Vargas Llosa; or the poetry of Luís de Gongora, Ariel Dorfman, or the visionary Mexican nun Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz; then chances are you have read these works in English, not Spanish,.......
Children's Book
¿Qué es la ciencia?
María Buezas 

Welcome to the fantastic world of science! For this, we recommend taking your hands out of your pockets, opening your eyes wide, and preparing your mind to wonder. With everything prepared, we are ready to take you on a fantastic scientific journey.

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