Rodrigo Rey Rosa  
A Mexican writer visit an old friend in Tangiers who confesses that his son Abdelkrim is in trouble. He also hands him a bag with several audiotapes that tells the story of the Moroccan boy, a young math and technology prodigy who received.....

ARS Book Breve historia de la mujer
Sandra Ferrer Valero  
An exciting tour around the role of women in the public and private sphere from prehistory up until our days. Their role among different cultures, and the exceptional story of their struggle to obtain the right to vote, and the control of their own body.
Juan David Morgan
An unmissable historical novel to understand the political and commercial events that changed Latin America forever. August 12, 1903. The Colombian Senate rejects the treaty that would have allowed the US to build a canal that, by going through......
Carlos Canales & Miguel del Rey  
Fidel Castro is one of the most overwhelming and Machiavellian political personalities of his generation. He will undoubtedly be remembered by part of the Cuban people and the world as a whole, for his years of autocratic and dictatorial government.  
LJ World: Julia Alvarez on the immigrant experience, literature as a ‘portable homeland’ and diversity in children’s literature
Nevada schools could get bilingual education option   
The World Is Never Just Politics: A Conversation with Javier Marías 
Get to know this week's List for the week 11 ending on March 19th, 2017   
The Wylie Agency boosts its presence in the Spanish-language market

Helen Mirren
English actress
When we chatted about her role in the holiday film — her portrayal of "death" as a bubbly woman wearing fluffy blue feathers — she assured me that that positive portrayal was on purpose. This is Mirren's 121st acting project. And has four more are on the way soon, including Fast & Furious 8. With a decade-spanning career that includes Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes, I had to ask Mirren her advice for young women aspiring to lengthy, successful careers. READ MORE... 

Download the Essential Guide to Spanish Reading


Video: Javier Cercas Talks about his novel "El Monarca de las sombras" 

Radio: RNE - 75 Anniversary of  Miguel Hernández's passing

Los Angeles Review of Books - a conversation with Javier Marías 
Spanish writer, translator and publisher 

Born in Madrid on September 20th, 1951.His father was the philosopher Julián Marías, who was briefly imprisoned and then banned from teaching for opposing Franco (the father of the protagonist of Your Face Tomorrow was given a similar biography). Marías is the fourth of five sons [3] and spent parts of his childhood in the United States, where his father taught at various institutions, including Yale University and Wellesley College.  
Children's Book
Un esguince en el cerebro
Alfredo Gómez Cerdá

Little Godofredo's family depends on technology. One day at school, teachers ask him to read a book for homework. As a consequence, he starts having headaches. His parents and psychologists think he has a brain sprain.  

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