Hernán Rivera Letelier  
A great novel out of Antofagasta, Chile, by the winner of the Premio Alfaguara de novela and a top of all lists bestseller in Chile. A serial rapist stalks women at the Antofagasta cemetery. The victims testify that they were dragged into a mausoleum by a man with a scary voice who smelled like death.

ARS Book Cuando aparecen los hombres
Marian Izaguirre  
If you see an older gentleman asking indiscreet questions, don’t be alarmed. His name is Philippe and many years ago he was a fencing instructor in Perpignan. Now, he spends his time in a search that has turned into an obsession, ..
Anamari Gomis
Fernanda, a young college student and housewife, along with the eccentric and renowned historian Sigismund Altamirano, embarks on a new adventure in Central America to confirm the whereabouts of Maximilian and the true identity of Justo Armas. 
Paloma Díaz-Mas  
My mother no longer remembers that I am her daughter. She has forgotten me, along with most of her life. But in the midst of her forgetfulness emerge old names and memories. 
"El Observatorio de la Lectura y el Libro" Celebrates the Day of the Book 2017 with the campaign 'Why read ...'
Get to know this week's List for the week 15 ending on April 16th., 2017    
Roberto Aliaga, Fátima Embark Ali and María Mercedes Murillo García, winners of the SM 2017 Awards  
Number of Hispanic-Serving Institutions in U.S. increases, reflects growing student enrollment   
The Wylie Agency boosts its presence in the Spanish-language market

Sienna Miller
British-American actress, model, and fashion designer
She was the star of the new Ben Affleck directorial adventure (2016). He adapted the novel Live by Night by Dennis Lehane with Sienna playing Emma, the woman with whom the protagonist, Joe Coughlin, has a mayor affaire.The Film is set in the Boston area at the end of the 20’s when the organized crime controlled all aspects of life. In New York we had the opportunity to talk with Sienna about her fascination with Latin American Literature, her passion for reading and her appreciation for languages. 

Download the Essential Guide to Spanish Reading


Video: Eduardo Mendoza awarded with Cervantes Prize  2016.  

Radio: Cervantes and the freedom of speech

Camilo José Cela - The Art of Fiction 
Spanish novelist, short story writer and essayist publisher 

Born  in 1916 in Iria Flavia, a hamlet located in La Coruña, Galicia, Spain, into a wealthy family descended from Italian and English immigrants, Camilo José Cela later moved with his family to Madrid in 1925. In 1936, the year the Spanish civil war broke out, the twenty-year-old Cela completed his first work, Treading the Dubious Daylight, a book of poems.  
Children's Book
El último gato birmano
Rosa Moya

Since he heard a mysterious meowing, Charlie Park cannot sleep or concentrate at school. Until one night, the violet light illuminates cat-like eyes from one of the windows of his neighbor’s apartment. Is it possible that the women kidnapped a cat?   

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