Elsa Morante  
On a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea there lives a boy as innocent as a seabird. Arturo's mother is dead; his father away. Black-clad women care for him, give him the freedom to come and go as he likes. Then the father returns with a new wife, Nunziata, a girl barely older than Arturo. At first hatred and contempt are all the boy feels for his stepmother.

ARS Book El día que se perdió la cordura
Javier Castillo  
Downtown Boston, December 24th, a man is walking the streets naked holding the decapitated head of a young woman. Dr. Jenkins, Director of the city’s psychiatric ward, and Stella Hyden, FBI agent, will enter into an investigation .....
María Teresa García Hubard 
Educating a child is no easy task, and it is even more challenging if we consider all the myths that surround this. When thinking about the attachment theory and the most recent discoveries in neuroscience, it is possible to understand each one of  the  different stages......
Sara Mesa  
The story of a city that is suddenly abandoned by its inhabitants. Dr. Tejada arrives to care for the nursing home New Life. Tejada is looking for a place to hide himself and his shady past, but his plans for isolation will soon be altered by meeting some......
"Has Spanish startup BTwinBooks finally cracked book bundling?
HACU's 2017 Annual Conference Agenda at a glance     
The American Academy of the Spanish Language [ANLE] has created the Campoy-Ada Award   
Get to know this week's List for the week 20 ending on May 21st, 2017   
What's New for Books In Spanish 

Emma Stone
American actress
Hollywood has a new queen and her name is Emma Stone, the young actress who won an Oscar for the movie La La Land. In Toronto we had the opportunity to talk with her about her career, her movie La La Land, her amazing chemistry with Ryan Gosling and her passion for the Spanish culture. 

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Video: Writer Lorenzo Silva Receives Cedro Prize 2017

Radio: La Estación Azul -  50th Anniversary of "Cien Años de Soledad"

BookWitty: An Interview with Spanish Author Jesús Carrasco
Spanish novelist 

Jesús Carrasco was born in Badajoz, Spain, near the Portuguese border and as a boy lived in the town of Torrijos, smack in the center of the country where Don Quixote wandered. As an adult, he moved to Madrid where he studied Physical Education and went on to live in Seville, where his wife is from; he now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his family.
Children's Book
Un avestruz con mucha luz
José Carlos Andrés

A book to help kids stand up for themselves. They will love laughing (and counting!) in this read-aloud.  Ozzy the Ostrich and her friends were trotting across the plain. Three ostriches eating flowers: Yum Yum Yum. They came across three lions that wanted to eat them.   

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