Lucía Blanco  
In What’s in a Face, Lucia Blanco, expert in these subjects, proposes that face reading and numerology as great tools for personal development based on self-awareness, reflection, and self-esteem.

ARS Book El fin de la historia
Luis Sepúlveda  
Juan Belmonte lives in the southern part of Chile, in front of the sea, and he leads a simple, almost anonymous, life, together with some incorruptible friend and his memories, those of....
Elvira Navarro
This novel, which establishes Elvira Navarro as one of the most singular voices of her generation, is perhaps one of the few  in recently written Spanish literary works which explores the mental pathology considering the influence of the social environment in which it is developed. The main character, Elisa, edits books for a large editorial group which....
Cristina Sánchez Andrade  
Valentina Brandón and her maid Adelaida take a trip in an old Volkswagen beetle, in whose trunk they have a suspicious bag that looks like a corpse. Both women were forever united by similarly terrible pasts. During the trip they meet a television reporter and a couple of civil guards.
Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s new novel will be published this fall 
Alejandro Talaminos presents "Nuestro Quijote, nuestro Español" (“Our Quixote, Our Spanish), a Pedagogical, Didactic and Cultural Book for Learning the Spanish Language     
Amazon Announces the 4th Literary Award for Spanish-Language Independent Authors    
Get to know this week's List for the week 28 ending on July 16th, 2017   
Spain’s Hay Festival Segovia Announces Its September Program  

Charlie Hunnam
English actor
He is the new king of Hollywood, Charlie Hunnam, the guy who looks more than Brad Pitt when he was young, even more than Pitt, is the lead actor in the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. But Hunnam is also the protagonist of the film Lost City of Z, that it was shot in Colombia. Now and again a country decides that it’s time to spend some money to improve the climate for film and TV production. 

Download the Essential Guide to Spanish Reading


Video: Libros de España - Javier Gogeaskoetxea - Desclée De Brouwer

Radio: 89.3KPCC As California bilingual education grows, teacher training is key   

New Spanish Books Interview with Andrea Montejo
Founder of  the Indent Literary Agency  in 2007

A native of Colombia, Andrea Montejo graduated from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. She started her career in publishing at Harper Collins in New York, where she was one of the founding editors of Rayo, the company’s Latino and Spanish-language imprint.
Children's Book
Mi amigo extraterrestre
Rocío Bonilla

My Alien Friend is a delicious, sweet, humorous illustrated story. A story about empathy, the capacity for self-criticism, and non-conformity, which attempt to form young readers who are thoughtful and use their own judgment.  An alien child has arrived as an exchange student at Tomás’s school.   My Alien Friend is a story that will help us reflect about the responsibility we take for our actions and..... 

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