Alejandro Ordóñez
I hope you find her. I’m serious. I hope you find that person who makes the hours fly by, who paints your world in color and who makes you live it. Someone who doesn’t care about the past and who insists on creating a present that is magical, with hints of the future. Someone who understands how you are, who loves you that way, ...
La perra  
Pilar Quintana
A moving novel by Pilar Quintana. Damaris, a mature woman from the Pacific with many disappointments behind her, adopts a dog and names her Chirli, which is what she would have named the daughter she never had.

Claudia Piñeiro 
A young man enters the world of politics for the wrong reasons and must face dramatic consequences. Claudia Piñeiro has written a moving novel that deals with a lot of current events, which focuses on the perversions of rulers, but also gives rise to the stories of loyalty and true love.

Carmen Posadas
An amazing and forgotten episode starring one of the most famous women in our history: Cayetana de Alba, the unforgettable muse of Goya.Eccentric, capricious and free, for over two hundred years its power of seduction has remained unchanged.
Center for the Art of Translation Presents "A working Woman" , translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney and written by Spain's writer Elvira Navarro 
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Estandarte Presents a Selection of 10 Must-Read Illustrated Books     
Get to know this week's List for the week 4 ending on January 28th, 2018   
The DEL Dictionary gets a new update. The online version has been updated, with 3,345 changes   

Jane Fonda 
American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model and fitness guru

The first label slapped on Jane was Henry Fonda’s daughter, but soon, her talent and her beauty proved that she was a force in herself. The sexy Barbarella from the sixties became an activist in the seventies and the queen of fitness in the eighties. Now, again, in the millennium, her success comes from a tv show in Netflix called Grace and Frankie. 

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Video: Página Dos interviews poet Luis García Montero 

Radio: Biblioteca Pública - Andrés Barba questions the myth of childhood's inocence   

XLSemanal interviews Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafón

He sells millions of books, lives in Los Angeles and collects dragons. At 52, the most read Spanish author in the world, just finished “El cementerio de los libros olvidados” (The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books), fifth novel of the series which has given him worldwide fame.With “El laberinto de los espiritus” (The Laberinth of the Spirits) the writer, established in Los Angeles, concludes the tetralogy that ......  
Children's Book
El despertar de la sirena
Carolina Andújar

The sea is full of dangers. Some are known to mankind…and some aren’t.It’s been 300 years since the last time Jurate, the evil siren, moved through the Baltic Sea waters. It’s time for her to go back to the surface and look for a new love.

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