Nicolás Cabral
Nicolás Cabral’s is one of the most singular voices in Latin American literature, and this book demonstrates his hypnotic and out of the ordinary style. The stories ebb from real to unreal, from earthly to fantastical. In addition, there’s something rarely found in most contemporary writers: an aversion to the familiar and disdain for common places.
El conocimiento silencioso  
Mariá Corbí
In this book, the author proposes to lay a foundation, without beliefs or religion, to what our ancestors called spirituality. Corbí’s perspective is anthropological, cultural, and social. Her central concern is how to conceive and favor the cultivation of wisdom.

Julio Fajardo Herrero 
A couple starts to suffer the consequences of unemployment and precariousness; he decides to join a new political organization while she remains hopelessly waiting for everything to settle down. The employee of a modern enterprise tries to deal .....
Xavier Gual is passionate about travel as a way to discover other ways of living and new points of view from which to see himself. These travel essays span Asia, Europe,....
Camilo José Cela Foundation, The legacy of a Nobel laureate 
Cultural Events at the Instituto Cervantes - Spanish Language & Culture - January & February 2018   
Get to know this week's List for the week 7 ending on February 18th, 2018  
Santos Juliá wins the Umbral Book of the Year Prize for "Transición" (Transition)    
How Latin America's Six Nobel Laureates Shaped the Continent's Literary Scene   

Dwayne Johnson 
American actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler

His last movie is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, directed by Jake Kasdan. A film that is kid-friendly, adult-safe and genuinely enjoyable popcorn entertainment that just "good" enough to not cause any remorse. Based on the movie from the 90’s, Jumanji helps Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to power his way to the top as the most bankable actor of his generation.  

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Video: CentroNiemeyer - Javier Sierra, winner of Planeta Prize, chats with journalist Azucena Vence

Radio: Las cuñas de RNE- Concha Espina, a forgotten writer    

El Mundo  interviews Cuban writer Leonardo Padura

Leonardo de la Caridad Padura Fuentes (born 1955) is a Cuban novelist and journalist. As of 2007, he is one of Cuba's best known writers internationally. In his native Spanish, as well as in English and some other languages, he is often referred to by the shorter form of his name, Leonardo Padura. In 2015, he was awarded with the Premio Principe de Asturias de las Letras of Spain,.. (Wilkipedia) 
Children's Book
El La Veleta y el Espantapájaros
Pablo Albo, Pablo Auladell

The weather vane was in love with the scarecrow, and she shouted it to the four winds. But the scarecrow wasn’t scaring anyone, so they took it away. The weather vane got rusty, and they took her away too. And yet, love has a strange way of enduring.

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