Andrés Barba
The arrival of thirty-two violent children of unknown origin completely disrupts the life of San Cristóbal, a small tropical city. Twenty years later, one of its protagonists wrote this Luminous Republic, a chronicle about how the city was forced to reformulate its idea of order and violence.
El último apaga la luz  
Nicanor Parra
In These selected poems make up what is thought of as the essential legacy of Nicanor Parra. The Last One Out Shuts the Lights is a broad and carefully selected collection of the work by an author.......

Julio Cortázar 
This work brings us closer to grasping Cortazar’s analytical thoughts, helping us forge a better understanding of this fascinating author, his work, and his views. Julio Cortázar not only proved to be a master of contemporary literature, ...

Jordi Basté
Journalist Jordi Basté and writer Marc Artigau present the first case of private detective Albert Martínez, a very special investigator, epicure, and seducer from Barcelona, who must ....
A previously unpublished story by Miguel Delibes will hit bookstores on April 26 
March in McNally Jackson/Español   
Get to know this week's List for the week 11th ending on March 18th, 2018  
Julia Navarro, CEDRO Prize 2018
Barcelona Will Host LIBER 2018 on October 3-5    

Tim Robbins 
American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, activist and musician.

Last month he premiered in HBO the show Here and Now, the tale of a diverse family tested by unlikely circumstances. It also features Holly Hunter, Sosie Bacon, Avynn Crowder-Jones, Jerrika Hinton and Raymond Lee.  The drama pairs Robbins with Holly Hunter as the aging but still idealistic parents of adopted children from three different countries,....  

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Video: CocaCola Journey España Presents a Cultural Journey with Spanish author Elvira Lindo

Radio: RNE - LiterCast: Las ruinas circulares by Jorge Luis Borges    

El País interviews Spanish writer Antonio Muñoz Molina

The writer talks about 'A Lonely Walk Among the People', his last work published by Seix Barral. Antonio Muñoz Molina (Úbeda, 1952) is this week’s the guest to “What are you reading?” the space of EL PAÍS Opinion directed by Berna González Harbor in which different writers present their latest works as well as books that help them understand today’s world. 
Children's Book
El Salto del Tiempo
Jaume Copons

In this new adventure, Dr. Brot and his assistant Nap are planning to build a giant shopping mall that will wipe Galerna Park and Agus’s city right off the map! Luckily, Pintaca’s paintbrushes and Octosol’s guitar are there to set the villains up for failure. before.

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