Elena Ferrante
Set in Naples, Italy, this debut novel by New York Times bestselling author Elena Ferrante (My Brilliant Friend, The Days of Abandonment) tells a story about mothers and daughters and the complicated knot of lies, emotions, and shared history than binds them.
Antonio Velasco Piña
The protagonist in Regina joins Mexican cultural heritage with Tibet’s high spirituality in order to link the political and revolutionary events of 1968, with pre-Hispanic, Tibetan, and Catholic gods.

Cristina Morató 
Rebel Divas compiles the thrilling biographies of seven women united by non-conformity, by their personality and authenticity, by their unmistakable and irreplaceable styles: by their diva and rebel ways. The names of Maria Callas, CocoChanel, Wallis Simpson,.....
Sergio Fernández
The author challenges readers to get to know themselves better with The Triple E principle: Scale of Sensible Stability. This is a witty, funny, and personal book that, to a great extent is ....

Olvidado Rey Gudú [Gudu, the Forgotten King]”, the novel that brought Ana María Matute out of the dark 
Success of the participation of America Reads Spanish in ALA 2018
Get to know this week's List for the week 25th ending on June 24th, 2018  
Galician author Xabier P. Docampo, winner of the National Prize for Children's Literature, passed away early this morning at the age of 72
The role of Spain in the birth of the United States   

Emily Blunt 
English-American actress

The latest role may have been her most demanding and meaningful. Directed by and co-starring her husband, John Krasinski, A Quiet Place is an intense monster thriller punctuated with the fierce, determined Blunt.In New York we had the opportunity to speak with the actress about a role destined to protect her children from strange creatures who hunt by sound. A great admirer of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Blunt will also be seeing very soon playing the iconic role of Mary Poppins.

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Video: TodoLiteratura - Mariela Beltrán presents her book "La última batalla de Blas de Lezo"

Radio: RTVE -Carles Mesa chats with journalist and writer Reyes Monforte.  

TodoLiteratura interviews author Isabel Barceló Chico

For many years, Isabel Barceló Chico has been committed to dignifying and redeeming the role of women in our world.After a productive stay at the Real Academia of Spain in Rome with a scholarship, the opportunity arose to write "Women of Rome", a historical treatise on women in the Roman world in general and in the city of Rome in particular. 
Children's Book
Drilo. La nueva amiga de papá
Marichel Roca, Adriana Carrera

Drilo’s parents are separated. Now he’s afraid to meet his dad’s new girlfriend, because he thinks she’s going to steal his love; He’s sure that she gave him a spell, so he decides to put together a plan to save his dad. Join Drilo in this adventure and discover if he manages to end the spell. An essential book to handle the topic of a new partner with their children. 

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