Octavio Paz
In these pages, we can find an extraordinary amount of characters from the contemporary cultural life, their last signification already examined: T. S. Eliot, Proust, Robert Lowell, Neruda, Alberti, André Breton, Carlos Fuentes, Jorge Guillén, Luis Cernuda, Blas e Otero,....
Carmen A novel of love, jealousy, and revenge, which involves the reader with the force of the great literary family sagas. A secret hidden in the depths of the woods. A mansion battered by waves. Two opposing sisters.

Toni Aparicio 
The A promising young lieutenant at the most difficult time in her career; a woman violently murdered; a missing child and an endless number of unspeakable secrets…The career of Lieutenant Beatriz Manubens is one of the most promising at the UCO, but the accidental death of......

Rosa Montero
A condemnation of the idea of a perfect woman. A catalogue of lives, of women both agreeable and terrible, pathetic and admirable, broken and triumphant. Unique women with fascinating lives. 

The great writer who erased her name 
Instituto Cervantes at Harvard Presents Conversations with Spanish writer María Dueñas
Get to know this week's List for the week 37th ending on September 16, 2018  
Jorge Molist was granted the Fernando Lara Novel Award 2018 at the VII edition of the International Contest for Historical Novel "City of Úbeda"
Liber pays tribute to Abelardo Linares, founder of Renacimiento   

Daniel Brühl 
Spanish-born German actor

The Spanish-born German actor Daniel Brühl is the star of The Alienist, the new period drama based on the homonymous book by Caleb Carr.Brühl, who is best known for Good Bye Lenin! Inglorious Basterds, Rush, Captain America: Civil War and The Cloverfield Paradox, plays Laszlo Kreizler, a doctor focused on patients with mental health problems; in other words, a psychologist, though back in the late 19th century - as we learn since the beginning of the show - these experts were known as alienists.

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Video: TVE2 - Conversation with Laura Lara and María Lara on their new book "Brevario de Historia de España" 

Radio: RNE - García Montero:  The Cervantes Institute should be in Washington DC, capital of the world.  

TodoLiteratura interviews María Ángeles Chavarría: an exceptional woman

María Ángeles Chavarría is a talented writer whose ability to work is astounding. Curious and restless, it's not surprising that she has published three books in a single year and,.....on top of that, she has received a special mention from the European University of Valencia for Best Postgraduate Teaching Work.  She will talk about all of this in today’s interview. 
Children's Book
Érase un ratón
Ramiro Díaz

Foxes, wolves, toads, mice, and also dragons… many animals inhabit the stories of our collective imaginations. Some animals can be nice, but they aren’t all stuffed animals either. This work tries to create a new way of seeing these animals from the perspective of a photographer who mixes fantasy with nature. 

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