Xabier Quiroga
A stunning crime novel about the mysterious fate of the missing Nazis at the end of World War II. A story that will leave you breathless and feeling like you have just read a masterpiece. “About ten months ago, I received a missive. It was sent by a university student who had decided to track the presence of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis in Galicia after their defeat in the second World War.
El oído miope   
Adriana Villegas Botero
The survival story of a Colombian lawyer who emigrates to the United States to find work and learn English. Cristina, a middle-class lawyer in Colombia loses her job and decides to emigrate to New York in the hopes of finding work and learning English.

Anna Veiga, Marta Devesa, Alberto Rodríguez Melcón 
Everything you should know if you intend to become a mother after the age of 40, together with the Dexeus University Hospital, cutting-edge entity in women’s health and fertility. “I’m 40 years old; can I still have a baby?” It’s becoming more common to postpone motherhood. 

If you don’t dare to speak face to face, you can always do it over voicemail. The discovery of a great writer, winner of The Voice of Galicia Serial Novel Prize, the UNED Short Story Prize, and the Microlibrary Microstory Prize.
TodoLiteratura talks to author Ricard Ruiz Garzón 
HC Buys Spanish Rights for Backman Books; Forms Spanish Acquisitions Board
Barnes & Noble Top 20 Spanish titles, October 2018  
Juan Kruz Igerabide, National Prize for Children's Literature 2018
Press Release from FGEE (The Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds) - International Book Fair, Liber 2018 

Bradley Cooper 
American actor and filmmaker

The film’s opening musical sequence plants the audience onstage with Cooper’s Jackson Maine as he performs a song called Black Eyes for thousands of adoring fans. Bradley shares the screen with Lady Gaga. The star could be in the run to get a nomination for the Oscars. Actor and now a director, Bradley Cooper is the artist of the moment in Hollywood, with him we talked about his career and his passion for Federico García Lorca.  

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Video: Reading Poetry "Gramática de sombras" with Elena Torres and Blas Muñoz at Ramón Llull bookstore in Valencia  

Radio: RNE - Biblioteca Pública "Las voces de Carol" a crime novel by Clara Peñalver  

TVE2 interviews Spanish Historians Laura Lara and María Lara

In view of Día de la Hispanidad (Columbus Day), Spanish historians Laura Lara and María Lara authorized America Reads Spanish to air the following interview about mysteries and unexpected events that changed the course of the nation or empire’s History.  These topics are discussed in their new book, Breviario de Historia de España. Desde Atapuerca hasta la era de la globalización (A Summary of Spain’s History. From Atapuerca to the Era of Globalization) (EDAF), and are talked about in their interview on Spanish television channel La 2.
Children's Book
Una gran ayuda
Daniel Fehr

Badger has lost his favorite teddy and his best friend Bear wants to be a big help in finding it. After a long search over land and through water, they end up empty handed… but will Badger still care? 

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