Adriana Moragues
Singer-songwriter Adriana Moragues makes her literary debut with a story in which emotions run high and music envelops each page. An urban novel that may hit home for many, about the difficulties of recognizing our own path in life. Carla is one of those people who sleeps....
El país de Toó   
Rodrigo Rey Rosa 
In the land of Toó, an isolated territory in a small Central American republic, a Mayan communal system of organization and the laws of the ruling government have maintained a strained peace for almost 200 years.
Diego Enrique Osorno 
With a prologue by Juan Villoro. When the PRI finally left the Mexican presidency in the year 20000, in the northeast of the country, the Zetas were born: a gang that at that time seemed like a brief anecdote from the world of narcos. 

Paloma Blanc
Reflections and advice from the mom of a big family: from how to manage order and organization in your house to how to raise your kids without yelling, with creativity, and above all, with joy. 

Writer Elvira Navarro chats with ABC about her new book of short stories
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Bestsellers Books in Spanish - Amazon 
Patricio Pron, Alfaguara Prize 2019 
The Spanish-language book world has been orphaned: Publisher Claudio Lopez de Lamadrid has died 

Hugh Jackman 
Australian actor, singer, and producer

Since hanging up his claws as Wolverine he is exploring another type of characters. He plays the presidential candidate Gary Hart in The Front Runner, the last movie from Jason Reitman.  

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Video: Lingo Mastery - Spanish short stories for beginners 

Radio: RNE - Alfredo Menéndez talks to journalist Alfredo Carcedo about his new book "Sobrevivir al miedo"(Survive fear) 

Javier Velasco (TodoLiteratura) interviews novelist Jordi Ledesma

Jordi Ledesma is a novelist who enjoys writing stories based on real life. Fiction provides him enough freedom to compose a tragedy which happens 20 years in the past, and which resolves itself in the novel, as if all of it were real. La noche sin memoria (The Night Without Memory) is a long reflection about deeds that went unpunished on account of the perpetrator’s political office as someone linked to the most brutal kind of Francoism.
Children's Book
Los tres hermanos de oro
Olga de Dios

An illustrated story for all ages by the author of Pink Monster (Monstruo Rosa). Do you remember the story of the goose who laid golden eggs? It turns out, she had three little chicks. This book tells the tale of those three who grew up with the peculiar qualities of having been born from a golden egg, and you can imagine that it wasn’t easy for any of them,.. 

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