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What are 3rd party email lists and why can't I use them?

3rd party email lists are email lists provided to you by a third party. These type of email lists are considered Unsolicited Bulk/Commercial Email because none of the email contacts on the list gave you permission to send them email communications. Unsolicited Bulk/Commercial Email is commonly referred to as SPAM and will likely result in your email campaigns being blocked or marked as SPAM. The following are examples of 3rd party lists:

  •     College Email Lists - Lists from college web sites or published directories.
  •     Harvested Email Lists - Lists containing email addresses collected, copied or scanned from the internet.
  •     Traded Email Lists - Lists from an acquaintance in exchange for your list.
  •     Purchased Email Lists - Lists purchased or rented from a list owner or broker.
  •     Public Directories - Lists compiled from a published printed or web directory.
  •     Organization Email Lists - Membership lists provided by an organization.

EnFlyer doesn't provide, sell, or rent lists, nor do we allow the use of these 3rd party lists.
It is a violation of EnFlyer's Terms & Conditions to use third party email lists in your EnFlyer account.

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